What is Stormseal?

Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure.

Unlike tarpaulins, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs can be made, resisting wind, rain and hail and preventing further costly damage.

This award-winning, Australian innovation will keep your home and family safe and snug until permanent repairs can be made.

Stormsealed properties worldwide

Including more than 5,000 in Australia. View our Stormseal gallery.


Stormseal is also resistant to further storms including hail and winds up to 160km/h.

Months or more of protection

Stormseal can last over a year, giving you peace of mind until final repairs are made. See our extreme test in the Swiss Alps.

Ryan, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

“I was sick and tired of having to fix the tarps again and again. In the month after the storm, I was up there five times to fix the tarps, because of the wind. When I heard about Stormseal, I immediately asked our insurer to replace the tarps with it.

Stormseal is perfect because once it’s installed you don’t have to go back up there, and you’ve got peace of mind that if rains, no water is going to come in.”

Todd, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

“Stormseal has been described like a shower cap for your house, it tucks under the eaves and gutters, so seals underneath, just like your hair under the elastic of the cap. I like that metaphor, it really works like this!.

Tarps only work until you need them – they just look like they’re doing something when their over your house, but when the storm comes they fail. I like my new orange, temporary roof, which I know won’t blow away and doesn’t leak!”

Joe, Chipping Norton NSW, Homeowner

“In over the eight months we waited for the insurance settlement and complete repairs, Stormseal allowed in not one drop of water… and we could continue to live in our house.

If anyone needs a reliable, watertight roof cover that lasts, Stormseal is the one!”

Tarps ruin homes and traumatise families

If your roof is damaged by severe weather or a fallen tree, your builder will probably attempt to protect your home, contents and family using tarpaulins. That’s when your long nightmare begins.

Life under tarps is hell – ask any storm victim who’s experienced it. Your insurer-chosen builder will use ropes and sandbags to ‘attach’ the tarps to your roof, but as soon as the weather turns wet or windy again, the tarps will slip, blow off, leak or even collapse under the weight of pooling rainwater.

Families lose sleep and suffer terrible stress or even physical harm. Tarps flap noisily all night long, sandbags slide off and come crashing down, rainwater runs down your interior walls, your carpets and furnishings get soaked and stained, your ceilings sag or cave in.

What‘s worse is that the trauma and property damage can continue throughout the many weeks or months (up to 12 months after a major weather event) that it takes your insurer to process your claim so you can make permanent repairs to your home. Over the life of an insurance claim, tarps fail five times on average and up to 13 times.

You’ll wait for hours on the phone again and again, trying to contact your insurer to request tarp replacement. Every time your insurer has to reassess fresh damage, it extends the time it takes to process your claim and perform permanent repairs. As damages increase you may even find your home becomes uninhabitable!

Protect your home with Stormseal | Stormseal Installer in Australia, US & UK
Joe (GIO Policy holder) with Matthew Lennox from Stormseal

Request Stormseal from your insurer

By arrangement with your insurer, an accredited Stormseal installer will quickly apply Stormseal to your damaged roof or walls to securely weatherproof your home.

Under Stormseal, you’ll sleep soundly, knowing your precious property and family are well protected. You can stay safely in your home, recover from the storm and get on with life.

See Stormseal in action

Case Studies

Berowra Hailstorm

In December 2018, a devastating hailstorm damaged 33,000 properties in northern Sydney. Berowra was one of the worst-hit suburbs. The storm damage bill rose from $75 million to $1 billion due repeated failures of tarps and other ‘make-safes’. When Stormseal was installed, residents were hugely relieved, with some homes still being protected 16 months later.

Stormseal stops the cycle of suffering | Protect your home with Stormseal

Buff Point disaster: Central Coast resident’s near miss with tragedy and Stormseal’s innovative make-safe solution

Wilfred’s home, like many others damaged by the October 2018 storm, was given the standard ‘protection’ of a tarp to cover the gaping holes in his roof.

After having his home secured with Stormseal Wilfred noticed an immediate difference. “This is just a different kettle of fish. There’s no noise. There’s no anything. There’s no way in the world any water’s going to get in that. And it looks good. I should get the whole roof covered instead of the tiles.”

Central Coast resident’s near miss with tragedy and Stormseal’s innovative make-safe solution | Protect your home with Stormseal

Get Stormseal

Request Stormseal from your insurance company. Download our email template for you to send to your insurer.

Or give us a call on 02 9599 3335 or email info@stormseal.com to find out how to protect your building with Stormseal.