What is Stormseal?

Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure.

Unlike tarpaulins, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs can be made, resisting wind, rain and hail and preventing further costly damage.

This award-winning, Australian innovation helps businesses and communities to recover faster from disastrous weather.

Stormsealed properties worldwide

Including more than 5,000 in Australia. View our Stormseal gallery.


Stormseal is also resistant to further storms including hail and winds up to 160km/h.

Months or more of protection

Stormseal can last over a year, giving you peace of mind until final repairs are made. See our extreme test in the Swiss Alps.

Todd & Jo Chapman, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

“I would conservatively estimate that the original damage has now increased by 50% because of the inadequacy of the tarps to stay in place whenever a storm occurs.

But now thanks to Stormseal I can relax and be patient as we are fully watertight and storm proof. Stormseal has taken away our anxiety as it gives us a genuine temporary roof until the fix time.” (more…)

Sally, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

“I called my insurer and said I wanted Stormseal. Just two hours after the insurer approved it, the Stormseal installers were putting it on my roof. Since then, we’ve had more rain, which has been a good test. Stormseal is properly waterproof, which is a huge relief. (more…)

Tom Dougherty, National Manager for HomeClaims Customer Support, Suncorp

“It’s a leading innovative product… what I have seen today is going to give us the ability to be able to do it once and do it properly and not have to re-attend which will be very efficient.”

Stormseal vs Tarps

Traditionally, storm-damaged properties are covered with tarpaulins, attached with ropes and sandbags.

These tarps inevitably slip, blow off or collapse as more bad weather hits.

Over the life of an insurance claim, which can be up to 12 months after a major weather event, tarps fail five times on average and often more than 10 times. This puts your staff, customers, equipment and reputation at risk.

Stormseal weatherproofs buildings to prevent costly further damageStormseal weatherproofs buildings to prevent costly further damage

Make safe with Stormseal

Unlike tarps, Stormseal goes on once and stays put, resisting all weather and protecting your premises until permanent repairs are made.

This saves you the frustration of dealing with failing tarps over and over again.

In the majority of cases, Stormsealed businesses can return to work and carry on as usual until the insurance claim is settled.

Stormseal weatherproofs buildings to prevent costly further damage

See Stormseal in action

Case Studies

Protecting Our National Heritage

On 20 January 2020, a catastrophic storm lasting about ten minutes sent huge hailstones smashing into thousands of vehicles and buildings across Canberra. Insurance claims have since topped $500M. The hailstorm inflicted terrible damage on many iconic institutions and iIrreplaceable treasures and archives of national importance were exposed to the elements. Aussie innovation Stormseal was the answer.

Protecting Our National Heritage | Stormseal weatherproofs buildings to prevent costly further damage

In Swiss storms, Stormseal shows its strength

In June 2018, to test Stormseal’s weather resistance under the most extreme natural conditions it was installed on the roof of a hut high in the Swiss Alps. ‘Over several weeks, the wind speed average was over 100 km/h [62 miles/h] and some days up to 200 km/h [124 miles/h]. At the end of January, after many storms, the Stormseal film was still looking good.

In Swiss storms, Stormseal shows its strength | Stormseal: The World's #1 Temporary Roofing Protection

Get Stormseal

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