Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether to tarp or Stormseal a damaged property.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, then Stormseal is the smart choice for property protection.

  • Is the property one of many damaged in a catastrophic event?
  • Is further wind, rain or hail likely?
  • Has the property suffered structural damage?
  • Are the roof materials unusual?
  • Is the value of the repair/property/contents high?
  • Is the property a business location?
  • Is it a contentious claim or likely to be cash-settled?

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① If the answer is ‘Yes’, there is likely to be a long delay before permanent repairs can be made. If the property is ‘made safe’ with tarpaulins, the tarps will probably leak, rip, or flyaway when more wind, rain or hail occurs. To prevent further damage and insurance claim escalation, weatherproof Stormseal is a far more cost-effective and safer choice.

② Structural damage (e.g. from a tree fall or very strong wind) will require time-consuming assessment by an engineer before their recommended repairs can be made.

③ Unusual roof materials (e.g. vintage tiles, bespoke materials or asbestos) will be difficult to procure, and asbestos requires special handling, so in either case, repairs will be delayed.

④ If business (including work from home) cannot continue, economic loss coverage may apply. Installing Stormseal prevents this expense by keeping the premises weatherproof and safe, enabling business to continue with minimal disruption.

⑤ The purpose of a cash settlement is to simplify and shorten the claim process. Using tarpaulins on the property is likely to complicate and extend any dispute about pre-existing damage/condition and its associated costs as the insurer will be liable for any further damage caused by tarp failure.

What is Stormseal?

Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure.

Unlike tarpaulins, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs can be made, resisting wind, rain and hail and preventing further costly damage.

This award-winning, Australian innovation helps businesses and communities to recover faster from disastrous weather.

Stormsealed properties worldwide

Including more than 5,000 in Australia. View our Stormseal gallery.


Stormseal is also resistant to further storms including hail and winds up to 160km/h.

Months or more of protection

Stormseal can last over a year, giving you peace of mind until final repairs are made. See our extreme test in the Swiss Alps.

Stormseal is the world’s #1 temporary weather protection for