What is Stormseal?

Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure.

Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs can be made, resisting wind, rain and hail and preventing further distress and costly damage.

Stormseal: The World's #1 Temporary Roofing ProtectionThis award-winning innovation has now protected more than 9,000 buildings globally and helps businesses and communities recover faster after disastrous weather.

Stormseal for facility/strata managers

Stormseal helps you get your business up and running, keeping your staff and equipment safe from further storms and bad weather until full repairs are made.

Protect your home with Stormseal | The World's #1 Temporary Roofing Protection

Stormseal for TPAs & Contractors

Tarps on storm-damaged properties inevitably fail in subsequent bad weather. This escalates costs and damages. Stormseal is the industry leading solution that goes on once and stays on.

Become an installer

Grow your business and provide peace of mind for your customers with the world’s leading temporary roof protection. Stormseal goes on and stays on – that means no more midnight calls to fix a loose tarp!

Stormseal for homeowners

Unreliable and dangerous tarps put you, your neighbours and your possessions at risk. Request Stormseal protection from your insurer.

Doug Hasty, Orlando Group Roofing

“Our guys were really impressed with the Stormseal training. We were so impressed that we have booked more guys to get trained. And Stormseal has made it so easy to place orders online. Our company is committed to providing a better policyholder experience, keeping families and properties safe throughout and after storms. Our goal of growing and improving as a company is to better serve our neighbors in Texas and Oklahoma. The addition of Stormseal to Orlando Group’s service offerings is helping to secure our place as the leading choice in the roofing industry.”

Tom Dougherty, National Manager for HomeClaims Customer Support, Suncorp

“It’s a leading innovative product… what I have seen today is going to give us the ability to be able to do it once and do it properly and not have to re-attend which will be very efficient.”

Dan and Cindy O’Connell, Mexico Beach, Homeowner

“Homeowners and insurance companies need to know about this product. It has really has helped us in a time of need and given us peace of mind that our home is protected. The house has remained dry inside and the Stormseal still looks the same. Most of the tarps in the area have either blown off or been replaced a number of times.” Read more.

Why we created Stormseal

Traditionally, storm-damaged houses have been covered with large tarps until the insurance claim is settled and final repairs are made. The problem is that over the life of an insurance claim, which can be up to 12 months after a major weather event, tarps fail five times on average and often more than 10 times.

This means continual tarp replacements, additional time and cost and further damage to the property, not to mention stress to the owner and occupants.

Stormseal doesn’t have this problem – it goes on once and stays on, no matter how long the insurance claim process lasts.

Stormseal is:

  • 100% watertight
  • Resistant to future storms including heavy hail and winds up to 160km/h
  • Long lasting (see how it held up in a test at the top of the Swiss Alps)
  • UV resistant and fire retardant
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to world class standards
  • Easily removed for roof inspections when needed

Case Studies

Temporary Roof Protection

Temporary Roof Protection – Contractors Breathe Sigh of Relief Thanks to Innovative Wrap

The contractors working on the interior repairs were using traditional tarps, but consistent rainstorms were impeding the process and causing costly delays and further damage. The tarps were failing, especially after continued exposure to the elements. The insurance company contracted Orlando Group, Addison, Texas, a commercial and residential roofing contractor that has specialized experience with storm damage and restorations.

Read more
Blue Tarps Won’t Last for a Year | Become a Stormseal Installer

Blue Tarps Won’t Last for a Year

Property owners are going to grow weary of constantly having to call their contractor back after their tarps repeatedly blow off. Not to mention that tarps flap in the wind and can allow water to penetrate the home, causing even more damage.

Read more

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