Protect your home with Stormseal

Marg was terrified when her tarp took off

“My insurer sent builders to install a tarp the next day, but it was hopeless,” said Marg after a catastrophic hailstorm hit her home. “It kept slipping and flapping and broken tiles kept crashing down, going off like bombs. I couldn’t sleep, and my dog was going crazy. Then my neighbour told me about Stormseal. All the roofers have seen it on her house and they’ve all said that its’ fantastic.”

As seen in FRSA Florida Roofing Magazine | Stormseal Installer Accreditation Training

As seen in FRSA Florida Roofing Magazine: FRSA Training Center Provides World Class Venue

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, the importance of well-trained and accredited roofing contractors to carry out Florida’s rebuilding work and ensure the state’s long-term resilience has been clearly brought into focus. It’s not possible to have highly qualified workers without expertly staffed, purpose-built training facilities, and that’s where the FRSA Educational Foundation Training Center plays a vital role in preparing crews from around the nation.