In June 2018, to test Stormseal’s weather resistance under the most extreme natural conditions it was installed on the roof of a hut high in the Swiss Alps. Over several weeks, the wind speed average was over 100 km/h [62 miles/h] and some days up to 200 km/h [124 miles/h]. At the end of January, after many storms, the Stormseal film was still looking good. (more…)

In Swiss storms, Stormseal shows its strength | Stormseal: The World's #1 Temporary Roofing Protection
Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Sally Edwards was home alone when a catastrophic hailstorm hit her Berowra Heights home on 20 December 2018.

‘The insurance company’s builders came and made patch repairs and installed a tarp with ropes and sandbags. In five weeks, the builders had to come back eight times.’ (more…)

Protect your home with Stormseal | Sally swapped leaking tarps for secure Stormseal
Sally Edwards, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

“Stormseal’s great for our reputation, which is good for business: our turnover has increased by 33% in the past year.

Residents love our work with Stormseal so, more often than not, they get us to quote for their permanent roof repairs too, once their insurance claim is paid. We get more leads and win more jobs because we’ve earned their trust, and they recommend us to others.” (more…)

Accredited Stormseal Installers | Stormseal: The #1 Choice for Roofing Contractors
Andrew Whitehurst, Pegasus Roofing, NSW

Wilfred’s home, like many others damaged by the October 2018 storm, was given the standard ‘protection’ of a tarp to cover the gaping holes in his roof.

After having his home secured with Stormseal Wilfred noticed an immediate difference. “This is just a different kettle of fish. There’s no noise. There’s no anything. There’s no way in the world any water’s going to get in that. And it looks good. I should get the whole roof covered instead of the tiles.” (more…)

Central Coast resident’s near miss with tragedy and Stormseal’s innovative make-safe solution | Protect your home with Stormseal
Wilfred, Buff Point NSW, Homeowner

“My insurer sent builders to install a tarp the next day, but it was hopeless,” said Marg after a catastrophic hailstorm hit her home. “It kept slipping and flapping and broken tiles kept crashing down, going off like bombs. I couldn’t sleep, and my dog was going crazy. Then my neighbour told me about Stormseal. All the roofers have seen it on her house and they’ve all said that its’ fantastic.” (more…)

Protect your home with Stormseal
Marg, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

When the catastrophic pre-Christmas hail storm hit with hail the size of softballs, David was lucky with his insurer – Youi – which came immediately the next day and arranged for Stormseal to be installed to protect the damage. (more…)

Stormseal Saves Insurers Millions | Insurer prescribes Stormseal swiftly
David Dobson, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

A massive storm hit the home of Todd and Jo Chapman just before Christmas. “It was frustrating because the insurers kept having to get contractors back to make safe the house again, but they just kept blowing away, letting the rain in,” said Todd. “I would conservatively estimate that the original damage has now increased by 50%.” (more…)

Protect your home with Stormseal | The World's #1 Temporary Roofing Protection
Todd & Jo Chapman, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

For Ryan and Chey Johnson, the happy arrival of their second child was sadly offset by the devastating damage to their Berowra home caused by the December 2018 hailstorm.

‘After the hail wrecked the roof, the wind and rain came,’ said Ryan.

97% of Berowra homes damaged by the hailstorm were ‘made safe’ with tarpaulins, many of which have since failed multiple times. (more…)

Stormseal stops the cycle of suffering | Protect your home with Stormseal
Ryan & Cherry Johnson, Berowra NSW, Homeowner

‘I teamed up with three other business partners to set up the roof division of Abereum Roofing & Plumbing a short while ago and it’s taken off, mostly thanks to Stormseal,’ says Mitchell Clarke.

‘We started with just two guys, but I’ve taken on another four already to meet the demand, and I’ll be putting eight more through the Stormseal installer training in the next month. (more…)

Stormseal weatherproofs buildings to prevent costly further damage
Mitch Clarke, Abereum, Melbourne